We offer various overnight accommodations to meet your dog’s needs. Whether you choose a crate, our luxury suites, or one of our hotel suites, your pup will get the best treatment to ensure they’re comfortable during their stay with us.

Our crates come in different sizes to best fit your dog and include:

  • Cozy dog bed inside
  • Warm blanket to keep your dog snuggled all night

Our luxury suites provide more room for your dog and include: 

  • Raised dog bed to keep your pup’s body off the floor
  • Warm blanket to keep your dog snuggled all night
  • Full tempered glass front door allowing your dog to see out

Our hotel suites provide a home-like environment for your dog that includes:

  • Raised dog bed with orthopedic foam & dog couch
  • Furbo camera so that you can see your dog at night!
  • Personal TV, your pup will enjoy a dog movie to fall asleep to!
  • Bin of toys, water/food bowls

2022 Rates: Crate: $50 | Luxury Suite: $70 | King Luxury: $80 | Hotel Suite: $90

*Second dog 1/2 off except for Crates

**Our boarding prices include doggy daycare during their stay, pick up after Noon on leave date will incur full daycare charge